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Indian Currency Calculator

Addmaster Indian Currency “Addiator” calculator

Addmaster Indian Currency "Addiator"

This "Addiator" type stylus calculator is designed principally for the addition and subtraction of the old currency that was used on the Indian sub-continent.

It has columns marked "RUPEE", "LAK" (100,000's of Rupees), "ANNA" (16 Annas = 1 Rupee), and "PIE" (12 Pies = 1 Anna).

109 x 178 x 7 mm (4.3" x 7.0" x 0.3").

Country of manufacture not known.


During British rule, and the first decade of independence, India and Pakistan used this currency system.  Decimalisation of the currency took place in India in 1957 and in Pakistan in 1961, rendering this type of calculator obsolete.

Addmaster Indian Currency “Addiator” calculator

The calculator has been turned over to show the subtraction side.  The clearing bar has been pulled out to clear all of the columns to zero.

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