Old Photographs: Leicester Central

This section shows the frontage of Leicester Central Station in about 1910, a tour around the station in the late 1960s, just before closure, and also an aerial photograph of the station site from the 1930s.

LeicesterCentral station postcard1910

Coloured postcard, posted in 1910, showing the original ornate frontage of Leicester Central station.

Leicester Central station front

The austere, simplified, frontage of Leicester Central station as modified by British Railways, seen here in October 1974 after closure.

The majority of the photographs of Leicester Central Station below were taken on 4th August 1967, about 2 years before closure.

Leicester Central station

The frontage of Leicester Central Station.

Leicester Central station entrance hall

The entrance hall, with the booking hall through the entry on the left.

Leicester Central booking hall

The booking hall.

Leicester Central station passageways to the platforms

There were three passageways under the tracks to the platforms, and at this time only the one on the left was still in use and led to the south staircase. The centre passage had led to the lift and the right passage led to the north staircase.

Leicester Central station stairs to the platforms

The top of the stairs ascending to the platforms.

Leicester Central station, start of removal of signalling

Redundent signals are being dismantled and track lifting has started.  The wall surrounding the turntable can just be made out behind the loading gauge.

Leicester Central station, looking north

Looking south from the south bay.

Leicester Central station, platforms

Looking north along the south bay from the end of the platform, with the parcels depot on the far right.

Leicester Central station, buffers

The south bay hydraulic buffer stops. Since the bay platforms were no longer in use the buffers appear to have been drained and were fully retracted.

Leicester Central station, platform 5

Platform 5, the northbound platform, looking north.  I believe that the north bay had platforms 1 & 2, the south bay had platforms 3 & 4, and the through platforms were 5 & 6.

Leicester Central station, platform 6

Platform 6, the southbound platform, looking north.

Leicester Central station builders plate, Horsely Co., Tipton

Maker’s plate on upright girder.
“Horsely Co Ld, Tipton, Staffordshire, 1899”.

Leicester Central station waiting room, GCR

The Waiting Room then in use, one of several original ones.  The fireplace and seating are very similar to those still in place in some of the stations on the preserved Great Central Railway.

Leicester Central refreshment room, GCR

By this time the Refreshment Room was out of use, so had to be photographed through the window.  Notice the two beer hand-pumps on the counter.

Leicester Central goods lifts

The goods lifts.

Leicester Central station platforms, GCR

The north bay, looking south.

Leicester Central station looking north

Looking northbound from the north bay.  Note that the out-of-use colour light signals have been turned sideways, and the roof of the Great Central Hotel (now long demolished) on the right.

Aerial view of Leicester Central station from R101 airship

Above is an aerial photograph of Leicester Central station looking north taken from the R101 airship, apparently on 18th October 1929 during a test flight (see http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/was-it-a-bird-was-it-a-plane-no-it-was-r101/story-30079152-detail/story.html).  The R101 was later lost on its ill-fated journey to India.  The turntable is to the right of the centre, with Great Central Road just beyond running parallel to the station.  The River Soar / Grand Union Canal is in the foreground at bottom left

Old Photographs Section

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