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Nippon Calculator / Busicom HL-21

Nippon Calculator HL-21

Nippon Calculator / Busicom HL-21.

Hand operated, Odhner rotary pin-wheel type.

410 mm x 164 mm, 130 mm (16.5" x 6.5" x 5"), 4  Kg (9 lbs.).

Made in Japan.

Dates from 1960s. Price in Britain in 1966 60, reducing to 39 10s [39.50] for educational users (about $US150 and $100 respectively).

Makes extensive use of plastics compared to similar models of the time by other manufacturers.

With the introduction of electronics Nippon Calculator became called Business Computer Corporation, known as Busicom Corp - see the name badges in the photographs above. Nippon/Busicom were closely involved with Broughton and Company Ltd. (Broughtons of Bristol).

Label on Busicom HL-21
Label on Nippon Calculator HL-21

Early model

Late model

Inside Nippon Calculator HL-21

The mechanism of this machine is based on cheaper die-cast pinwheels, rather than machined brass, though these are more prone to wear.
Also, the casing of the machine is made of plastic rather than metal.

For information on performing the basic arithmetic operations see Operating a Pinwheel Calculator in the "Collecting Calculators" section of this site.

For details of the pinwheel mechanism click here.

Busicom were the inspiration to Intel to produce the 4004 microprocessor in 1971. This evolved through the 8008, 8088, 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486, to the Pentium microprocessor.

So perhaps we could say that this calculator is the ancestor of the PC !!

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