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Busicom Colex 122B

Busicom COLEX 122B.

Busicom COLEX 122B.

240V AC.

Display is 12 digits, amber gas-discharge.

4-function, %, memory.

Integrated circuit - Rockwell A1150BP, here date coded mid-1975.

224 x 251 x 72 mm (8.8" x 9.9" x 2.8").

Made in Hong Kong.

This calculator is from the time after the Japanese Busicom company went out of business. It was apparently made by the Hong Kong based Colex company, and was badged Busicom by Broughton's of Bristol, see photograph of labels below.


The labels on this machine. Colex is the manufacturer, and Busicom was by this time the trade name of Broughton's of Bristol.

Circuit board

The circuit board, looking pretty bare, showing the Rockwell chip and the gas-discharge display.

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