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This page has links to photographs of vintage calculators on this website.
Click on a calculator to see a larger photograph of it, then click on your browser "Back" button to return to this page.
Calculators marked "Details" are not in the book "A Collector's Guide to Pocket Calculators", but details are in the section Calculator Book Addendum on this site.

Sakura (Japanese company)

Sakura 832

Sakura 832. Details.

Samsung (South Korean company)

Samsung Secal 805D

Samsung Secal 805D. Details.

Samsung Secal 805E

Samsung Secal 805E. Details.


Sands 004

Sands 004. Details.

Sands 900

Sands 900. Details.

Sandvik Coromant (Swedish company that produces metal working tools)

Sandvik 842S "Coromant"

Sandvik Coromant 842S metal cutting data calculator. Featured calculator.

Santron (Euro-market)

Santron 15S

Santron 15S. Details.

Santron 18S

Santron 18S. Details.

Santron 20S

Santron 20S. Details.

Santron 80

Santron 80. Details.

Santron 80S

Santron 80S. Details.

Santron 96SR

Santron 96SR. Details.

Santron 400

Santron 400

Santron 404

Santron 404.

Santron 425

Santron 425. Details.

Santron 723

Santron 723. Details.

Santron 725

Santron 725.

Sanyo (See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Sanyo CX-0102

Sanyo CX-0102

Sanyo CX-1032

Sanyo CX-1032. Details.

Sanyo CX-6000

Sanyo CX-6000

Sanyo CX-8001B

Sanyo CX-8001B, inside. Details.

Sanyo CX8003A

Sanyo CX8003A.

Sanyo CX-8100

Sanyo CX-8100, inside. Details.

Sanyo CX-8102

Sanyo CX-8102, inside. Details.

Sanyo CX-8105

Sanyo CX-8105.

Sanyo CX-8133

Sanyo CX-8133. Details.

Sanyo CX-8136NE

Sanyo CX-8136NE. Details.

Sanyo CZ-3

Sanyo CZ-3. Details.

Sanyo CZ-2122 “Scientific 102”

Sanyo CZ-2122 "Scientific 102". Details.

Sanyo CZ-8124

Sanyo CZ-8124. Details.

Sanyo CZ- 8142

Sanyo CZ- 8142. Details.

Sanyo ICC-0081

Sanyo ICC-0081 "Mini Calculator", inside, is a hybrid AC / battery portable calculator. Featured Calculator.

Sanyo ICC-82D

Sanyo ICC-82D. Featured Calculator .

Sanyo ICC-802D

Sanyo ICC-802D


Sanyo ICC-804D.

Sanyo ICC-808D

Sanyo ICC-808D.

Sanyo ICC-809

Sanyo ICC-809, transistor-radio-like case. Featured Calculator.

Sanyo ICC-1417

Sanyo ICC-1417, inside, has rechargeable cells & built-in AC charger. Details.


Satek 8M

Satek 8M.

SCAT (SC Applied Technology, South Carolina, U.S.A.)


SCAT THE DIMENSION, alternative version FEET & INCHES CALCULATOR, feet & inches calculators. Featured Calculator .

SCAT the solution

SCAT the solution, liquid concentration calculator. Featured Calculator.

SCM (see Smoth-Corona-Marchant.)


Scientec XS-5297 Scientific

Scientec XS-5297 Scientific. Details.

Scomark (Euro-market)

Scomark Super G99M

Scomark Super G99M. Details.

Sears (U.S. (Sears, Roebuck & Co.) and Canadian (Simpson-Sears) department store chains)

Sears 728.5822

Sears 728.5822.

Sears 728.58821

Sears 728.58821 (similar to Bowmar models).

Sears 8

Sears 8.

Sears 8M

Sears 8M.

Sears 82

Sears 82.

Sears Digi-matic 8

Sears Digi-matic 8 (same as 728.5822 ?), (missing sliding cover).

Sears Digi-matic MR10

Sears Digi-matic MR10.

Sears Digi-matic P-8

Sears Digi-matic P-8.

Sears Digi-matic SR-8

Sears Digi-matic SR-8.

Sears M8

Sears M8.

Sears Universal Converter

Sears Universal Converter (aka 801.58840), inside, metric converter functions, keyboard is similar to Rockwell 51R "Converter".

Sears “Wizard”

Sears "Wizard". Details.

Semicomps Limited (European market)

Semicomps Limited Calate

Semicomps Limited Calate. Featured on British calculator site.

Serd (European market)

Serd 21PD-N

Serd 21PD-N printer calculator

Serd Bremen

Serd Bremen.

Sharp (Japanese company - One of the most innovative calculator manufacturers with many firsts to its name.  For more information visit the page on Sharp in the Calculator Manufacturers Section.  Many of the models also include "Elsi Mate" in their names, where ELSI = Extra Large-Scale Integration. Also made calculators for other companies such as Facit. Don't forget to see the Sharp LCD calculators in the Early LCD Calculator Photo Library, and the Calculator Companies section for more information about Sharp.)

Sharp EL-8

Sharp EL-8. (One of earliest Japanese hand-held models - Fall '70/Spring '71) Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-8M

Sharp EL-8M, the memory version of the EL-8.

Sharp EL-104

Sharp EL-104.

Sharp EL-105

Sharp EL-105. Details.

Sharp EL-120

Sharp EL-120, 3-digit display, has a "count" trigger, very low cost. Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-121

Sharp EL-121. 6-digit display. Details.

Sharp EL-122

Sharp EL-122 (a.k.a Elsi 122), similar to Sharp ELSI 6, see below.

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-204

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-204, inside. Details.

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-209

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-209. Details.

Sharp EL-215S

Sharp EL-215S, inside .

Sharp EL-307

Sharp EL-307. Details.

Sharp EL-500

Sharp EL-500.

Sharp EL-502

Sharp EL-502.

Sharp EL-801

Sharp EL-801 a real cutie !  The first calculator using CMOS integrated circuits, summer 1972. Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-811

Sharp EL-811. Featured calculator.

Sharp EL-812

Sharp EL-812

Sharp EL-814

Sharp EL-814, inside.

Sharp EL-1101

Sharp EL-1101. Details.

Sharp EL-1112

Sharp EL-1112

Sharp EL-1163

Sharp EL-1163, with printer.

Sharp EL-5001

Sharp EL-5001.

Sharp EL-5002

Sharp EL-5002. Details.

Sharp EL-5801

Sharp EL-5801. Details.

Sharp EL-8002

Sharp EL-8002, inside.

Sharp EL-8005S

Sharp EL-8005S.

Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8016R

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8016R.

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8018

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8018, inside.

Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8031

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8031. Details.

Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8031S

Sharp ELSI MATE EL-8031S. Details.

Sharp EL-8100

Sharp EL-8100.

Sharp EL-8104

Sharp EL-8104.

Sharp EL-8109

Sharp EL-8109

Sharp EL-8112S

Sharp EL-8112S. Details.

Sharp EL-8113S

Sharp EL-8113S

Sharp EL-8115S

Sharp EL-8115S, photo 2, example illustrated was manufactured in Brazil.  Oct. 20.

Sharp EL-8116

Sharp EL-8116.

Sharp EL-8118

Sharp EL-8118.

Sharp EL-8131

Sharp EL-8131.


Sharp ELSI MATE 6 (similar to Sharp EL-122, above). Details.

Sharp PC-1201

Sharp PC-1201 "Pocket Computer". Details.

Sharp PC-1801

Sharp PC-1801, inside, has very large LED display (5mm/0.2" high). Details.

Sharp QT-8B

Sharp QT-8B, connected to charging unit, the world's first battery-powered electronic calculator, summer 1970. Featured calculator.


Sheen 004

Sheen 004.

Sheen 906

Sheen 906. Details.

Sheen 1000

Sheen 1000. Details.

Sheen 2000

Sheen "Scientific Programmable" model 2000. Details.

Shibuya (If you have any information about the company which marketed this model please get in touch)


Shibuya, inside, has membrane keyboard, similar to Taktile 1200 and Triton 1200. Feature on British Calculator site.

Silver Reed (Silver Seiko International, Japan. Calculators marketed in Europe)

Silver Reed 8J

Silver Reed 8J. Details.

Silver Reed 8M

Silver Reed 8M (type 1), inside1, inside2.

Silver Reed 8M

Silver Reed 8M (type 2).

Silver Reed 8R

Silver Reed 8R. Details.

Silver Reed 80

Silver Reed 80.

Silver Reed 81

Silver Reed 81, inside. Details.

Silver Reed 95

Silver Reed 95. Details.

Silver Reed 96

Silver Reed 96

Silver Reed 98

Silver Reed 98

Silver Reed 101

Silver Reed 101 pocket PD aka MINI 101 DP, inside. Details.

Silver Reed Memory

Silver Reed Memory. Details.

Silver Reed Mini

Silver Reed Mini. Details.

Silver Reed Mini IV

Silver Reed Mini IV.

Silver Reed MINI-M

Silver Reed MINI-M. Details.

Silver Reed SE-8

Silver Reed SE-8, cream-coloured version. Details.

Silver Reed SR-80

Silver Reed SR80

Silver Reed SR82

Silver Reed SR82

Silver Reed SR-104

Silver Reed SR-104.

Sinclair (British electronics company, most calculators made in England.
Click here for further photographs and details of Sinclair calculators on the associated Vintage British calculator site.  See the Calculator Companies section for more information.)

Sinclair BMW Memory

Sinclair BMW Memory (Sinclair Cambridge Memory with BMW logo). Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Cambridge

Sinclair Cambridge type 1, type 2, type 3, type4, Sinclair Cambridge %. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Cambridge Memory

Sinclair Cambridge Memory type 1, type 2, type 3. Featured on British calculator site .

Sinclair Cambridge Programmable

Sinclair Cambridge Programmable. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Cambridge Scientific

Sinclair Cambridge Scientific. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Cambridge Universal

Sinclair Cambridge Universal. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Enterprise

Sinclair Enterprise. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Enterprise Programmable

Sinclair Enterprise Programmable. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Executive

Sinclair Executive case style 1, case style 2. The first Sinclair calculator, was the world's first calculator to be powered by button cells, was incredibly thin for the time, summer 1972. Featured calculator.

Sinclair Executive Memory

Sinclair Executive Memory (two case styles). Featured calculator.

Sinclair Executive Memory

Sinclair Executive Memory, all-black version with distinctive logo signifying that it was probably a promotional item of a company. Featured calculator.

Sinclair Oxford 100

Sinclair Oxford 100. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford 150

Sinclair Oxford 150. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford 200

Sinclair Oxford 200 (LED and fluorescent display versions). Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford 300

Sinclair Oxford 300 (LED display version). Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford 300

Sinclair Oxford 300 (fluorescent display version). Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford Scientific

Sinclair Oxford Scientific. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Oxford Universal

Sinclair Oxford Universal. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair President

Sinclair President. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair President Scientific

Sinclair President Scientific. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Scientific

Sinclair Scientific. Featured calculator.

Sinclair Scientific Programmable. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Sovereign

Sinclair Sovereign, Silver Jubilee special edition. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Sovereign

Sinclair Sovereign, gold finish. Featured on British calculator site.

Sinclair Wrist Calculator

Sinclair Wrist Calculator, a calculator (not a watch) to strap on the wrist. Featured calculator.

The Sporting Life Settler

The Sporting Life Settler, horse race betting calculator. Featured on British calculator site.

Singer Friden


Singer (no model number), with display cover closed. Details.

Singer 123

Singer 123, inside.

Singer Friden 1008

Singer Friden 1008, inside.

Singer Friden 1200

Singer Friden 1200

Singer 1234

Singer 1234, inside, similar to Commodore Minuteman 3 models.


Sinoca Sr-03

Sinoca Sr-03.

Smith-Corona-Marchant (SCM.)

SCM Marchant 1

SCM Marchant 1. Featured calculator.

SCM Marchant 210

SCM Marchant 210

Smith-Corona 6612

Smith-Corona 6612. Details.

SMOP Digital Systems Ltd. (Rotorua, New Zealand)

SMOP Tote Buster

SMOP Tote Buster , inside, calculates horse-racing form only (no normal functions), "designed and programmed by SMOP", made in Japan. Details.

Solitron (Solitron Devices Inc., West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.)

Solitron SR30

Solitron SR30.  Featured in the 'One Hit Wonders' article.


Sonix 888p

Sonix 888p. Details.


Soundesign 8400

Soundesign 8400 (a.k.a. Computer Mini).

Soundesign Mach II

Soundesign Mach II

Sovrin (Singatronic Private Limited, Singapore. Marketed in Europe. Several Sovrin models were sold under the Plustronics name.)

Sovrin 128

Sovrin 128

Sovrin 438

Sovrin 438. Details.

Sovrin 508A

Sovrin 508A. Details.

Sovrin 806

Sovrin 806. Details.

Sovrin 808

Sovrin 808. Details.

Sovrin 908A

Sovrin 908 and 908A (these two models are outwardly identical).

Specialized Electronics Corporation (SEC - U.S. company).

Navtronic 16,

SEC Navtronic 16 navigation calculator. Featured calculator.

Sperry Remington

Sperry Remington 661

Sperry Remington 661.

Sperry Remington 661D

Sperry Remington 661D. Featured calculator.

Sperry Remington 667

Sperry Remington 667.

Sperry Remington 803B

Sperry Remington 803B, note the half-height "0".

Sperry Remington 807B

Sperry Remington 807B, inside.

Sperry Remington Rand 819

Sperry Remington Rand 819

Sperry Remington 823GT

Sperry Remington 823GT.

Sperry 831GT

Sperry Remington 831GT

Sperry Remington 835GT

Sperry Remington 835GT. Details.

Sperry Remington 1000

Sperry Remington 1000.

Sperry-Remington SSR-8

Sperry Remington SSR-8 (note the half-height "0"), inside. Featured calculator.

Star Trekulator

Star Trekulator ST 101A

Star Trekulator ST 101A, Star Trek calculator.

Starshine Group

Starshine RaceTrack Computer II

Starshine RaceTrack Computer II (aka Computerized Performance Rating), horse racing handicapping calculator.


Stewart "Calculator" Radio

Stewart "Calculator" Radio not a real calculator, just a radio.

Strand ("Supplied exclusively to W.H. Smith [a British chain of newsagent, book, stationery, and music stores] by Decimo")

Decimo Strand

Strand. DetailsSimilar model labelled for DecimoApr. 20.

Decimo Strand Memory

Strand Memory. DetailsSimilar model labelled for Decimo.

Student (please contact us if you know anything about this company)

Student 1

Student I. Details.

Student IC-802

Student IC-802. Details.

Summit (American company, calcs made in USA.  For further information about Summit and its calculators see the article "Summit: a Man and the Idea" and the Calculator Companies section on this site.)

Summit Ko8

Summit Ko8, white version.

Summit Ko9v

Summit Ko9v. Featured calculator.

Summit MCC type1

Summit MCC (aka Metric Conversion Calculator), type 1.

Summit MCC type2

Summit MCC (aka Metric Conversion Calculator), type 2.

Summit SE88M

Summit SE88M, inside. Featured calculator.

Summit SI-90

Summit SI-90, inside, rear.

Summit SL-8M

Summit SL-8M

Summit SM8

Summit SM8 aka "Tom Thumb", side, rear. Details.

Summit SM-20

Summit SM-20.

Summit SM20, SI-80, Ko8

Summit SM20, SI-80, Ko8

Supacal (Made by Advanced Telecommunications Equipment Ltd, Woking, England)


Supacal Calate. Featured on British calculator site.

SuperCal (In USA, marketed by American Import Merchants)

SuperCal 616

SuperCal 616, inside, made in Hong Kong


Superlectron 8 (type 1)

Superlectron 8 (type 1).

Superlectron 8 (type 2)

Superlectron 8 (type 2).

Superlectron 8M

Superlectron 8M


SVM 105

SVM 105. Apr. 20.

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