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Imperial Office Master Electric

Office Master Electric

Imperial Office Master

Electrically powered 10-key add-lister.

Prints totals up to 999,999,999.99

Addition and subtraction (multiplication and even division is possible using special techniques).

210 x 340 x 150 mm (8.25" x 13.5" x 5.9").

Introduced at the end of 1970.

Made in Germany by W. Feiler, G.m.b.h. (model E 118D-US).

Inside Office Master Electric

Inside, showing the electric motor at the rear.
The polyurethane toothed belt drive from the motor pulley is missing since it has perished over the years.

Inside Office Master Electric

Inside with the keyboard assembly removed. The keys activate pins in a matrix which determine the number entered.

This mechanical adding machine was introduced to the market as late as the end of 1970. It was still much cheaper than the electronic calculators of the time and if you only wanted add-listing it would perform the job quite adequately.

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