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Sterling Currency Calculators
Addo Mod 9 & Addo Mod 16

Addo Mod 9
Addo Mod 16

Addo Mod 9 and Addo Mod 16.

Full-keyboard Sterling currency (£sd) add-listers. Designed principally for addition with the result printed on listing paper.

Note the nine "1" keys in the 10's of shillings column - 19 is the maximum number of shillings - and the extra "10" and "11" pence keys.

Photographs kindly supplied by David Edwards and Roger Bilder.

Made in England by Agrell Machine Co. Ltd.

More information on Addo mechanical and electronic calculators is on the Addo page on the British Vintage Calculators site.


The Addo Mod 9 also has 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 keys for entering 1 farthing, 1 half-pence, and 3 farthings, respectively.

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