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Burroughs ABC

Burroughs ABC
Inside Burroughs ABC

Burroughs ABC "Already Been Converted"

Model ABC Universel AP series J, serial number J  442320F, made in France in the late 1960s/early 1970s. The ABC stands for "Already Been Converted".

Electrically powered.

210 x 360 x 170 mm (8.5" x 14" x 7"), 7.5 Kg (16.5 lbs).

Supplied for £sd operation but can be converted to metric (£p) by removing the cover and altering internal wedges and levers.

The 10 & 11 keys are operational in £sd mode, and become 1/2 in £p mode (but actually print "6" unless altered by Burroughs Service Representative !!).

In 1986 Burroughs Corporation merged with Sperry Corpoation to become Unisys.

The addition of the electric motor to an add-lister increased the speed of adding up a long list of numbers to nearer to that of the Comptometer type of machine.

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