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Smith-Corona Add-lister

Smith Corona Add-Lister

L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc.

Full-keyboard Sterling currency (£sd) add-lister. Designed principally for addition with the result printed on listing paper.

Note the nine "1" keys in the 10's of shillings column - 19 is the maximum number of shillings - and the extra "10" and "11" pence keys.

Photographed at the computing museum at Bletchley Park, see


Many typewriter manufacturers also produced mechanical calculators since they had similar methods of contruction using many small metal parts.

"L.C. Smith & Brothers Typewriter Company of Syracuse" was formed in 1903.
A few years later in 1907 the "Standard Typewriter Company" produced its first typewriter, and in 1914 changed its name to "Corona Typewriter Company"[1]. Its first add-lister calculator, the Portable, was produced in 1923[2].

"L. C. Smith & Corona Typwriter Company" was formed in January 1926 when the two companies merged, and later changed its name to "Smith-Corona". and further add-listers similar to that above were produced.



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