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Sinclair Enterprise Programmable

Sinclair Enterprise Programmable.

Sinclair Enterprise Programmable.

Display is 8 digits, red LED.

Scientific programmable.

Integrated circuits - National Semiconductor MM57146AEG/N, MM57126N, DS8874N, & 1 transistor, here date coded mid-1978.

9v (PP3 battery).

65 mm x 135 mm x 23 mm.

Made in England.

October 1977.

Price in 1978, £25 (about US$50) including three-volume program library

Sinclair Enterprise Programmable, cover off
Inside Sinclair Enterprise Programmable

To replace the battery the whole front of the case is removed !!

With the keyboard removed. The lenses on this Enterprise Programmable model are smaller than on the Enterprise, and the LED digits of the display are the usual size.

Inside Sinclair Enterprise Programmable

The reverse of the circuit board showing the National Semiconductor integrated circuits, and the single transistor.

Operating instructions & program libraries which came with the calculator.

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