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The Sporting Life SETTLER

Sinclair Settler

Sinclair The Sporting Life SETTLER

Display is 8 digits, green fluorescent.

Four-function and betting calculations.

3v (2x AA batteries).

Main integrated circuits - National Semiconductor DS8881N and MM5799NBX/N.

162 x 93 x 29 mm. (6.4 x 3.7 x 1.1 ins).

"Assembled in Hong Kong
 Designed in Great Britain."
Both circuit boards are marked "Radofin". Radofin was a company based in both London and Hong Kong which also sold calculators under its own name.

About 1978.

This has a similar casing to that used on the Sinclair President.

"The Sporting Life" is a British weekly sports newspaper, and a "Settler" is the person behind the counter in a betting shop. The newspaper sponsored the development of this calculator.
The Settler was also produced (not under the Sinclair name) as a desktop model - see the Settler desktop model.

Circuit board

The circuit board. The large integrated circuits are the DS8881N and MM5799NBX/N.

In the mid to late 1970s there was little profit in the basic four-function calculator. Companies produced special-purpose calculators to make profits in sectors where there was little competition. There were a few other models of calculator with functions for use in betting that were sold in this period.

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