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Prinztronic 80

Prinztronic 80 calculator

Prinztronic 80

6 v (4x AA batteries).

Display is 8 digits amber gas-discharge, marked Matsushita "Flandipak".

4 functions.

The main integrated circuit is an NEC D2710 (date coded in this example 1973).

83 x 146 x 32 mm (3.25" x 5.75" x 1.25").

Made in Japan.

The circuit board is marked TOHO MINI 80. Toho were manufacturers of calculators.

Circuit board & display
Circuit board & display

With the case opened, showing the gas-discharge display and one side of the circuit board.

The other main side of the circuit board and the rear of the display, at the bottom. The rubber cap protects the vacuum seal on the display.

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