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Prinztronic MC95

Prinztronic MC95

Prinztronic MC95

7.2 v (6x AA) rechargeable battery.

Display is 8 digits, green fluorescent tubes - this has the normally shaped digits of the Sharp EL-811, not the more stylish digits of the Prinztronic MC85.
Multiplications and divisions are performed to 16 digits - the lower 8 digits are shown by pressing the <-> key.

4 functions, memory.

Main Integrated Circuits - Rockwell 10580PA and 10631PA, here date coded to mid 1972.

115 mm x 172 mm x 43 mm (4.5" x 6.75" x 1.7").

Made in Japan for Dixons International.

About 1972.

Price in early 1973 was £95 Sterling (about US$230).

This model is very similar to the Prinztronic MC85 and Sharp EL-811. Although the case of the Prinztronic MC95 is slightly different to the Sharp EL-811, having more stylish buttons, the integrated circuits are identical.

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