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Prinztronic Micro

Prinztronic Micro

Prinztronic Micro

Display is 8 digits, red LED.

4 functions.

Integrated circuits - Toshiba  T1271, T3103.

6v (4x AA).

74 mm x 103 mm x 29 mm (3" x 4" x 1.2").

About 1972/3.

Made in Japan.

Cost £45 Sterling (about US$105) in May 1973.

This is a version of the Sharp EL-801 made for Dixons, with a slighly cheaper plastic body.
This was the first calculator to use CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Silicon) integrated circuits, which have very low power consumption (though here negated somewhat by the use of the relatively high-current LED display).


The display board, upper-left, plugs into the processing board, lower-left. The assembly is then turned over and plugged into the back of the keyboard, on the right.

The integrated circuits are on the processing board.

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