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Singer-Friden EC1114

Friden EC1114

Singer-Friden EC1114

Display is 14 characters, using Nixie tubes.

4 function & memory.

276 mm x 360 mm x 118 mm. (11" x 14" x 4.5").

Made in the Japan (by Hitachi) for Singer-Friden of the USA late 1960s/very early 1970s.

Has 4 circuit boards with Hitachi-manufactured Medium-Scale Integrate Circuits (MSI).

One was a competition prize in January 1971 when it was described "[This] lightweight machine is a little larger than a telephone directory."

Compare with the earlier Friden EC-132 and the later Friden EC-1117.

Inside Friden EC1114 - 1

With the cover removed. The circuit boards are stacked at the rear.

Inside Friden EC1114 - 2

Inside, looking from the front with the keyboard removed showing the Nixie display tubes and three of the circuit boards with integrated circuits.

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