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Sanyo ICC-1122

Sanyo ICC-1122

Sanyo ICC-1122

Display is 12 digits, separate amber discharge tubes.

4 functions, memory.

Main semiconductors - LSI (Large Scale Integration) Sanyo D231B and D232B, here date coded late 1971 and early 1972.

218 x 254 x 80 mm (8.6" x 10" x 3.2").


Made in Japan.

Sanyo produced a number of distinctive early calculators. The styling of this model is very similar to a portable transistor radio of the period, even down to the cooling louvres which resemble the speaker grille of a radio. The carrying handle can be pushed flushed with the casing or can be folded under the back to tilt the calculator forward at a more ergonomic angle.
See also the Sanyo ICC-809 for a similar, hand-held model.

Inside Sanyo ICC-1122

The circuit board of the Sanyo ICC-1122 with the 12 amber discharge tubes along the top. The two Sanyo LSI (Large Scale Integration) chips are the white, ceramic components in the centre.

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