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Casio AL-1000

Casio AL-1000

Casio AL-1000

Programmable calculator, about 1967.

Display is 14 digits, Nixie tubes, or similar.

4 functions, square root, memory, programmable.

Ten circuit boards, each 320x200 mm / 12.5x8".
The logic and display boards hold a total of 284 individual transistors and 1500 diodes. The transistors are predominantly Toshiba 2SC371.
Magnetic core memory is used.

Size 380 x 440 x 238 mm (15" x 17.3" x 9.4"), 12.3Kg (27lbs).

Made by Casio Computer Limited, Tokyo, Japan.


Close up of the keyboard. The switches top left, labelled IV, III, II, and I, and the similarly labelled keys control the four memories of the machine.
The white * key acts as a += key, and the grey * key acts as a -= key.

Cover removed

With the cover and top of the card cage removed showing the 10 circuit boards, and the "Nixie" type display tubes.

Cover removed

The ten circuit boards are, from rear to front:

  • Core memory.
  • "Drive".
  • "Address".
  • "Adder".
  • "Sub".
  • "Main3".
  • "Main2".
  • "Main1".
  • ?
  • Display.
Memory board

The memory board with the magnetic core module in the centre.

Core memory

Close up fo the magnetic core module, showing the array of magnetic cores.

Click here to go to the page describing magnetic core memories.

Core memory

One of the sections of magnetic cores.

Driver board

The "Drive" board. The black items are 6-pin devices.

Main 2 board

Board "Main2" which carries 24 transistors (vertical row of black blobs on the left) and 304 diodes.

Adder board

The "Adder" board which carries 54 transistors and 207 diodes.

Brent Hilpert has brilliantly reverse-engineered the Casio AL-1000, starting from a non-working example, and has published detailed information and a simulator at

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