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Friden EC1117

Friden EC1117

Singer-Friden EC1117

Distinctive features: Has a single circuit board with 9 Large Scale Integrated Circuits (LSI) by Hitachi.

Capabilities: 4 functions & memory.

Display: Display is 12 digits, using 'Nixie'-type tubes.

Technology: 9 Large Scale Integrated ICs (LSI) and 3 Small Scale Integration (SSI) ICs by Hitachi, and 13 discrete transistors.

Size: 276 mm x 360 mm x 118 mm. (11" x 14" x 4.5").

Significance: By this time in the evolution of Friden electronic calculators (see the earlier Friden EC-132 and EC-1114 models) the use of a few LSI ICs had drastically reduced the number of electronic components. This would progress much further (for instance with the hand-held Friden 1234), but Singer-Friden would soon leave the calculator market.

Made in the Japan (by Hitachi) for Singer-Friden of the USA about 1971-73.

The journal Electronics Design announced this "Inexpensive calculator" in August 1971, at a cost of US$545[1], and a British list of November 1971 gives a price of 288 GBP[2].

Inside Friden EC1117

The cover has been removed to show the underneath of the keyboard and the circuit board with the integrated circuits and the display tubes.

Circuit board of Friden EC1117

Close up of the circuit board showing the 9 Hitachi integrated circuits and the 12 'Nixie'-type tubes.


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