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Toshiba BC-1623G

Toshiba BC-1623G

Toshiba BC-1623G

16 digit display using Nixie-type tubes.

30 steps programmable, 4 function, %, 2 memories, square root.

Has 4 logic boards holding 100 ICs in cans (Toshiba TM4004/5/6, 103/5) & 82 transistors. Uses 30 KHz clock.

300 mm x 390 mm x 140 mm,  (11.8" x 15.4" x 5.5"), 5.4 Kg (11.9 lbs.).

In Oct 1969 this model was advertised at a cost of £598 Sterling (about US$1,400).

Toshiba manufactured a small number of models of desktop and hand-held electronic calculators, and also manufactured calculator integrated circuits.

Case removed

With the casing and the keyboard (on the left) removed. This shows the power supply in the centre and the rack holding the four circuit boards on the right, with the display tube assembly along the top board.

Circuit boards

Two of the four circuit boards. The metal cans are some of about 100 Toshiba integrated circuits. The board on the right has a dozen small vertically-mounted daugther boards each holding electronic components. This allows more to be squeezed onto the board.

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