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Radio Shack Calculators
Original Pricing

by Guy Ball
Reprinted from The International Calculator Collector

We had quite some interest in Radio Shack calculators after the short article in last issue. We wanted to share some new information we've received courtesy of Radio Shack (in particular Len Roberts, president and Tony Magoulas, media manager)

The following are specific portable/pocket models and prices listed in Radio Shack catalogs. The year noted refers to the catalog year, but because of the usual early availability of catalogs, the calculator was probably released several months prior to January of that year. Historically then, you could probably note that the calculators were introduced and available late in the previous year.

Abbreviations for the features are: 4-funct - basic 4 functions, sci-funct - full scientific/trig/log functions as well as basic functions, sq rt - square root, sq/rt - square and square root, recip - reciprocal, sgn chg - sign change, mem - memory, % - percent.







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