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Canon Multi 8

Canon Multi 8
Canon Multi 8

With display switched so that the upper line shows the number in the memory.

Close up of the display, switched to show the items of a calculation, here 22/7.

Canon Multi 8.

Distinctive features: The first hand-held calculator with a multi-line display.

Technical details:
Display has 2 lines, each of 8 digits, blue fluorescent.

Four functions, %, memory, square root.

Integrated circuit - Texas Instruments TMS1079NL, here date coded late 1977.

4.5v (3 x AA batteries).

76 x 154 x 22 mm (3.0" x 6.0" x 0.85").

Made in Japan.

Has two lines of display - The switch to the left of the display is used to select one of the following:


Close up of the 2-line fluorescent display.

Until the introduction of cheap multi-line LCDs (Liquid Crsystal Displays) in the 1980s this was one of the very few calculators to display more than one line.

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