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Heathkit IC-2009

Heathkit IC-2009

Heathkit IC-2009

Distinctive features: Built from an assemble-yourself calculator kit.  "And you can build it in four evenings."[1]

Technical details:
Display is 8 digits, red LED.

The "D" key refreshes the display once it is automatically switched off after about 12 seconds to save the battery.

7.2v (6x AA) rechargeable.

80 x 138 x 43 mm (3" x 5.75" x 0.9").


Made by Heath Company
Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Cost US$ 92.50[2] (about GBP £35).

Similar to the Bowmar 901B, but with a cheaper-looking casing.

Assembly manual

A page from the Assembly Manual.

With manual

Completed calculator and the Assembly Manual.

Inside Heathkit IC-2009

A well finished calculator.

As can be seen above, calculators of this early period still required a large number of components and so assembly costs were considerable.
There were several companies suppling calculator kits, including Sinclair, which gave some cost saving and also the satisfaction of having assembled the calculator oneself (see also the Advance / Wireless World desk kit calculator).
The kit companies usually had a scheme whereby you could return the calculator for sorting out if it did not work properly !
The Heathkit company produced a large range of electronics kits, and between 1972 and 1976 offered half a dozen hand-held and desktop calculator kits.
Within a few years all there was inside a calculator was the integrated circuit chip, the display, and the keyboard.  The assembly cost was very little so kits had no advantage and died out.



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