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Hewlett-Packard HP-80


Hewlett-Packard HP-80

Distinctive features: The first hand-held calculator with business and finance functions.

Technical details:
Has functions for business and finance calculations, such as compound interest.

Display uses scientific notation, 10 digits mantissa, 2 digits exponent, red LED.

3.6v (3x AA rechargeable cells in a battery pack).

80 x 149 x 36 mm (3.2" x 5.9" x 1.4").

Launched in February 1973.

Made in USA.

Price on introduction US$395.

This was the first hand-held business & finance calculator and was the second Hewlett-Packard hand-held calculator.
Like the early HP-35 models, the early HP-80 models do not have the model number on the front label.

HP-80 in case

The early HP hand-held calculators were very expensive. Tough, fitted, plastic cases were available to protect them.

The HP-80 is described in detail in the Hewlett-Packard Journal of May 1973.

There is an enormous amount of information about the HP-80 gathered by David Hicks at the Museum of HP Calculators at http://www.hpmuseum.org/hp80.htm.


See also the Hewlett Packard HP-35, the first hand-held scientific calculator, and the Hewlett Packard HP-65, the first hand-held programmable calculator.

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