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Minolta Minolcom

Minolta Minolcom

Minolta Minolcom

Distinctive features: One of the first hand-held, battery powered calculators. From well-known camera maker.

Technical details:
Display is 8 digits "Nixie" type tubes. Calculates to 16 digits, the <-> key switches the display between the most significant 8 digits and the least significant 8 digits.

Four-function. Fixed decimal point, with settings of 0, 2, 4.

Main integrated circuits - Sanyo LM8001J, LM8002E, LM8003G, LM8004F (date coded to the latter half of 1971).

4.8v sealed rechargeable battery.

108 x 182 x 51 mm (4.25" x 7.2" x 2").


Minolta Camera Co. Ltd., Made in Japan.

This is the only know model of this period with the Minolta name. It bears some resemblance to Sanyo models. The keyboard, the integrated circuits, and the sealed battery are marked Sanyo, so it was probably made for Minolta by Sanyo.

The use of "Nixie" type tubes is unusual in a hand-held calculator. The ones used here are especially narrow versions.


With the cover removed, showing the "Nixie" type display tubes, the rechargeable battery pack, and the circuit board with the integrated circuits.

Board & display

The circuit board with the Sanyo integrated circuits and the "Nixie" type display tubes. The tube on the right provides error indication, etc.

Integrated circuit

As well as having Sanyo markings, three of the white integrated circuits also have General Instruments "GI" markings on one corner - these were made by Sanyo under license from General Instruments.

This one is date-coded week 39 of 1971.

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