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General Instrument EZ3000 and varieties

General Instrument EZ3000

General Instrument EZ3000 and varieties.

Distinctive features: A model from a series of calculators made by the Semiconductor manufacturer. Versions also made under license in communist eastern Europe.

Technical details:
Display is 8 digits, red LED.


9v (PP3 battery).

Integrated circuit - General Instrument CZL-550.

78 x 153 x 25 mm (3.1" x 6.0" x 1.0").

Manufactured around 1975.

Made in Canada.

This is a distinctive style used in several models of calculator from General Instrument.


Radio Shack EC-225

Radio Shack EC-225

Versions were produced for other companies, as seen in the Radio Shack EC-225, on the left.
This has some detail differences; for example it uses four AA batteries rather than a 9v PP3 battery, which gives a slightly slimmer casing at the rear of the display.

Elorg 801

Elorg 801

Around 1977 General Instrument appears to have sold the designs to the U.S.S.R. (Russia) and departed the calculator manufacturing business. In the U.S.S.R. models were sold under the Elektronika name, and the Elorg name was apparently used for models exported.

Elektronika MK-57A

Elektronika MK-57A

This model manufactured in the U.S.S.R. in 1989 appears to have perpetuated the casing design of the General Instrument calculators at this late date since there is no known equivalent GI model.

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